Scaling and Polishing

A Scale And Polish Is A Very Common Dental Treatment Which Is Carried Out As A Form Of Oral Preventative Medicine. It Is Designed To Form Part Of A Dental Hygiene Plan With The Aim Of Keeping Your Teeth Clean And Healthy.


Why do you need a ‘scale and polish?

Your teeth come under constant attack from the starches and sugars present in our food which are released as we eat. When this combines with plaque – the sticky bacterial film that forms on the teeth over time, it produces an acid which is harmful to our teeth.

This plaque forms on the surface of and between our teeth and can also affect the gum line. If is not removed then it will harden and form calculus or ‘tartar’ – a yellow or brown mineral deposit which causes the teeth to have a rough or ‘crusty’ appearance. This makes them vulnerable to further plaque attacks.

Plaque can corrode the teeth over time which causes cavities and tooth decay as well as bad breath. If it leads to tartar formation, especially around the gums then gingivitis can occur. The danger with this is that it can lead to the more serious bone loss.

A scale and polish can remove plaque and leave your teeth feeling nice and smooth. This will also prevent bacteria sticking to them (which they are able to on teeth with a rough surface) which can lead to the build up of tartar. And, it will help to prevent gum disease.

Our advice

Regardless of how thoroughly we brush our teeth, there are still some areas which are neglected and hidden. Thus a professional dental hygienist or dentist is introduced to solve this problem. Rafflesia Dental Surgery recommends a scaling and polishing procedure every 6 months for a healthy oral cavity.