Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment Is The Removal Of The Tooth’s Pulp, A Small, Thread-like Tissue In The Center Of The Tooth. Once The Damaged, Diseased Or Dead Pulp Is Removed, The Remaining Space Is Cleaned, Shaped And Filled. This Procedure Seals Off The Root Canal.



Root canal treatment can be done to relieve symptoms (especially extreme tooth pain) related to the infection or inflammation of the pulp. It is the disinfection and cleaning of the root canal space and filling up of the canals to prevent spread of infection to the bone.

  1. Access opening by using rotary burs
  2. C leaning and shaping of the canals using small files.Insertion of the files to confirm that the canals were cleaned and shaped along the whole length of the canals.
  3. Filling of the canals usually with gutta percha (a rubber base material) and biocompatible cement.


Usually root canal treated teeth will need a full restoration (a crown) to protect it from tooth fracture. This will enable the tooth to resume its full function.

Signs of Needing R.C.T.?

The most common indicator will be pain from the tooth. The pain is typically described as lingering sharp pain to thermal changes or spontaneous pain in the evening. It can also be pain on biting. More obvious signs would be swelling and pus discharge from the surrounding gums.

Detected with a thorough examination and x-ray.