Seven Important Facts about Scaling And Polishing

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One common mistake committed by most of us is that we tend to consider tooth-brushing and flossing as the ultimate measure to maintain good oral hygiene. At Rafflesia Dental Surgery, we deliver the expert dental care through various dental procedures so that you enjoy a healthy smile always.

To know more about scaling and polishing, it is important to understand what exactly the two terms mean in dentistry.

Scaling– This is a professional method of cleaning your teeth in which the hard deposits are removed through an instrument called an ultrasonic scaler.

Polishing– This is a procedure conducted just after the process of scaling is over and is meant to make the tooth surface smooth.

Fact #1 Professional Care is Mandatory


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Tartar is formed on your teeth over a period of time as the result of hardening of plaque layer. Routine brushing is insufficient to remove the hard deposits stuck on your teeth. This is primarily because of the shape and the position of our teeth. The bristles of the brush cannot reach every corner of your mouth. Hence, you need to seek professional care like scaling to maintain your oral hygiene.

Fact #2 Say Goodbye to Stains through Scaling


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Habit of smoking cigarettes or chewing tobacco can make your teeth darkly stained. Through scaling the superficial stains are wiped off. Hence, scaling helps in brightening your smile as well.

Fact #3 Polished Teeth Look and Feel Good

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Through polishing the minor irregularities on the teeth surfaces get smoothened. You feel good as you can perceive a smooth and glossy surface. Apart from that, a major advantage of having polished teeth surface is that the food particles do not stick to smooth surfaces easily. Hence, the chances of deposition reduce.

Fact #4 Scaling Saves your Gums

Your gums will thank you for a lifetime if you go for professional cleaning at least once every year. Tartar touching the gums irritates them and cause swelling and bleeding of gums. Gum infection needs to be attended at the earliest before it proceeds to severe and irreparable damage.

Fact #5 Scaling Strengthens your Teeth

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Teeth free from tartar have healthy gums around them. Health and infection-free gums anchor and support the teeth strongly within the jaws.

Fact #6 An Amazing Solution for Bad Breath


Clean teeth and gums keep bad breath at bay. Those of you who feel that you are suffering from low confidence level due to bad breath, you can find immense relief after scaling and polishing is done for your teeth.

Fact #7 Scaling and Polishing: An Essential Start To Every Important Dental Procedure


Before starting off with any important procedure such as Invisalign, teeth whitening or cosmetic filling, we ask our patients to undergo scaling and polishing first. This procedure ensures that the teeth surfaces are absolutely clean so that the filling material does not get contaminated. In case of teeth whitening, any hard deposits on teeth hampers the rate of whitening process and leaves that area untouched by the whitening agent. For Invisalign or traditional braces, the teeth are cleaned in the beginning itself as the procedure is long and time-taking.

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