Children And Special Needs

We At Rafflesia Dental Surgery Are Trained To Treat And Manage Most Of The Dental Needs Of Children Or Patients With Special Needs. The Clinic Layout Is Designed To Be Wheelchair-accessible And Children-friendly.


When should my child start to see the dentist?

We recommend children as young as a year old to pay us a visit. We believe it is important to detect any dental problems as early as possible in children. Unlike adults, the rate at which dental problems exacerbate in children progress much more rapidly, and the consequences of neglect much more severe.

It is also our utmost priority to educate both children and their parents/guardian in managing their oral health and instill good oral habits as early as possible to warrant healthy dentition for their long and bright future.

Special needs

People with disabilities are often ignored or discriminated. We would like to extend ourselves as much as possible to address their dental needs, as well as educate both patient and caregiver, if possible, to maintain satisfactory oral health.

We believe that everyone, no matter their general health status or background, deserves the best dental care we can provide. If you have a family member or friend who is in need, please bring them in!