• Seven Important Facts about Scaling And Polishing

    One common mistake committed by most of us is that we tend to consider tooth-brushing and flossing as the ultimate measure to maintain good oral hygiene. At Rafflesia Dental Surgery, we deliver the expert dental care through various dental procedures so that you enjoy a healthy smile always. To know more about scaling and polishing, it is important to understand what exactly the two terms mean in dentistry. Scaling– This is a professional method of cleaning your teeth in which the hard deposits are removed through an instrument called an […]
  • Invisalign – What Difference Can It Bring In My Life?

    Invisalign – What Difference Can It Bring In My Life? Invisalign is an exceptional revolution in the field of orthodontics that can set your teeth alignment straight. Through a series of clear aligners your orthodontic problems like crowding, spacing or overbite are corrected. The result is a confident smile and a beautiful you! So, that’s it? Can straight teeth just enhance my aesthetic value? As a matter of fact, straight teeth have many more benefits than delivering a beautiful smile. Take a look at the few benefits Invisalign can bring […]

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